Product Information

Jeevan Saral

   Ø  Jeevan saral  is like an endowment plan, but with good return, because ifs a loyalty base policy so the maturity amount will be little higher Man bonus base policies.

   Ø  Jeevan  saral  is like a money back plan, but you can get money back as you require. After 3rd year you can partial withdraw if needed.

   Ø  Jeevan saral is an educational plan. you cannot assume when your son/daughter may require money for education. In this plan you can with draw money whenever you need.

   Ø  Jeevan saral is a maniage plan. You cannot assurme the age for your children s marriage right now, or you cannot postpone the marriage due o policy Maturity. Convert the policy bond into a wedding invitation at any time. (ATM),

   Ø  Jeevan seral is a pension plan. In normal pension plan you cannot switch over to another policy because it gives more pension, but in jeeva saral you can convert the maturity amount into a pension plan whichever policy gives more pension at that time.

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